Great Karting in Southeast Washington State

About Karts and Karting

How fast do karts go?

It varies depending on the class, but most of the karts are going about 50-65 mph at the end of the straight.

What kind of engine do they use?

Engines vary between classes, but the two most common types are the Briggs and Stratton LO206 engine designed for karting, and 125cc single-cylinder, two-stroke, water cooled engines developed especially for kart racing. The Kid Karts use primarily a 50cc Comer two stroke, but a Honda 50cc four stroke is up and coming. Shifter karts use a 125cc engine with a six-speed gearbox.

What kind of clutch do they use?

Most classes use a drum style centrifigal clutch and a single gear, with the exception of Shifter which have a manually operated disc clutch.

How much does getting into karting cost?

A brand new, race-ready, 125cc kart will cost between $4000 and $7000. A good used kart will usually run between $2500 and $3500 and you may be able to pick up some extra parts as well.

Safety equipment will run between about $450 and $800 depending on how extravagant you get. Special tools, and a kart stand will be around $400. A set of tires cost about $220 and will last you between two and eight race days.

See the membership page for race and membership fees.

Can I build my own kart?

Yes, but it’s not worth it. Race karts have become well engineered equipment. Competition between manufacturers is fierce, and if you wanted to build a competitive chassis, you would have to spend far more money in research than it would cost you to buy one off the shelf. But don’t worry, in karting there are enough adjustments you can make and little gadgets you can build to keep the engineer in you content.

Is kart racing safe? What kind of safety equipment is required?

Every form of driving has some risks. All kart racers are required to wear a full-faced Snell rated helmet, skid-resistant race suit or jacket, racing gloves, padded neck brace, and high-top race shoes or tennis shoes. Many racers also wear a rib-protector, as broken ribs are one of the most common racing injuries. See the TCKC Rules and Regulations for full details on safety gear. An EMT or paramedic is required to be present at all races.

What age do I have to be? Is there a maximum age?

You must be at least 5 years old to race. There is no maximum age in kart racing. A number of competitive drivers are well into their 50s or 60s!