Great Karting in Southeast Washington State

Getting Started

What is the best way to get started?

First, visit us on race day. See the karts in action. Does it look like fun to you?

Next, come back and attend another kart race, perhaps even several. Ask questions and start looking more closely at the different classes. Introduce yourself to some of the karters. You may find it helpful to know a few by name on your first race day.

Once you’ve narrowed down which class or classes you are interested in, it’s time to find your first kart. New or used? It’s up to you and your budget. Many racers start with used equipment while they learn about the engine, the kart, and driving.

After that, practice, practice, practice. Become comfortable driving the kart fast. It’s best to get your seat time at an actual kart track. Large, empty parking lots are tempting, but the curbs, parking standards, and other immovable objects are dangerous. It may also be illegal in your area.

When you feel comfortable in the kart and you’ve mastered basic kart maintenance, you should be ready to enter your first race!

Where can I buy a kart?

There are a few kart shops in the Tri-Cities area, as well as a few on the western side of the state. Also check our facebook for listings. Craigslist can also be a source, but ensure to get a current racer’s buy-in on a kart before purchasing so you don’t end up with junk or something that doesn’t meet the rules.